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Businesses that don’t have sufficient backup systems in place during a power failure will almost certainly suffer a loss of important information that affects their operations and productivity. At Rack World Systems, we offer a selection of uninterruptible power supplies, including Eaton UPS systems, which can help safeguard your network and server from sudden power failures.


Eaton is well known for manufacturing reliable uninterruptible power supplies for all kinds of businesses. Our selection of affordable Eaton UPS products feature backup power and scalable runtimes for up to 15 servers, storage systems, VoIP gear and network equipment. Compatible with Apple Mac and PC software, they are available in multiple power ratings as well as tower or rack mount configurations. An Eaton UPS also features wide power management capabilities and intuitive graphical displays which provide detailed energy usage information.


Power failures are usually rare, but there’s nothing to be gained and everything to be lost by not having an Eaton UPS in place as a safeguard. Choose Rack World Systems and order an Eaton UPS from us today.