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Slimline Cabinet

Product Code: Slimline Cabinet

Our slimline data rack range includes options that are available in 2ru and 3ru versions. The 2ru stands out from the wall 100mm, while the 3ru slimline cabinet projects out 150mm. Both patch panel rack options are intended for the smaller Patch Panel Hub installations, providing a more elegant solution than the usual low quality network cabinet approach.

Manufacturing Lead Time: 7 to 10 days

Manufacturing Lead Time : 7 to 10 days

Price From: AU$165.00

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Product Description


Designed and manufactured in Australia for small applications, the slimline cabinet is a cost-effective and secure solution. Compactability is the key feature of the product, with its low profile and heavily angled sides enabling installation into small, confined areas where space is limited. The customer may install up to 72 ports of cat5e or cat6 patch panels plus a small DSL or network switch onto a gear tray.

Supplied fully assembled, quick installation is achievable using appropriate hardware such as self tapping screws or Dyno bolts. All slimline cabinets are also supplied with dual vented front doors and a key lock.

This slimline data rack is suitable for: SOHO applications such as Network voice / data and small Switch or ADSL devices.


  • Key lockable, removing the need for the cabinet to be located in a secure area.
  • Internally, provision is made for various configurations of rack panels, such as smaller hubs and stallion boards.
  • 4x50mm knockouts are provided in both the top and bottom to facilitate vertical stack mounting and inter-cabling between units.
  • Large cable entry openings are provided in the rear of the slimline data rack.
  • Venting to the top and bottom front ensures low level heat will be dissipated.


A gear tray can be mounted to the inside rear of the slimline cabinet, further increasing its versatility.