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Pelican Hardigg Custom Cases

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Rack World Systems offers a selection of Pelican custom road cases that are designed to protect a variety of instruments and equipment for a range of applications. We can custom design and manufacture classic racks, mac racks, pro racks and SuperMac products to suit your exact needs and requirements.


Classic racks are the strongest and most secure custom cases we have available. Featuring individually fine-tuned shock mount systems, they are perfect for protecting ultra-fragile equipment from damage during transport. Relevant applications include flight simulators, aerospace instrumentation, meteorological instruments, and more.


Mac racks are compact and lightweight, possessing a smaller sway space than classic racks. Featuring custom grip handles for enhanced ergonomics, these custom road cases can shield delicate instruments from shock, vibration, moisture, and impact damage. Relevant applications include microwave antennas, radio, TV and communication equipment, and more.


Pro racks are ideal for when you need a lightweight and space efficient container without shock mounted systems. These tough custom cases can be enhanced with accessories such as removable casters, extra threaded rack clips and more to suit your needs. Relevant applications include electronic, medical and testing equipment components.


SuperMac cases are compact solutions featuring removable rack systems that provide easier field deployment and equipment integration. Sensitive equipment is protected from falls, vibrations and other stresses that may cause damage.

Contact us for more information about our Pelican custom road cases. Alternatively, you can order a Pelican custom case online today.