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Our Australian made range of products are available in a variety of colours (See colour codes below)

Apo Grey Ripple RWS-34000-81

Apo Grey Ripplep/n: RWS-34000-81

Gypsy Beige Ripple RWS-34000-07

Gypsy Beige Ripplep/n: RWS-34000-07

Light Grey Ripple RWS-34000-41

Light Grey Ripplep/n: RWS-34000-41

IBM Blue Ripple RWS-34000-79

IBM Blue Ripplep/n: RWS-34000-79

Sable Black TX RWS-34002-44

Sable Black TXp/n: RWS-34002-44

Charcoal Grey Ripple RWS-34000-34

Charcoal Grey Ripplep/n: RWS-34000-34

We will send you a FREE metal sample finished in the colour of your choosing Contact us for more information by filling up our enquiry form. Click here for Enquiry form