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Special Build

Custom Racks and Road Cases

When you need a specialist to custom build a server rack that meets your specific requirements, you need Rackworld Systems. From custom cases and racks to specially built floor mounted server cabinets, we excel in providing tailored solutions for a varied range of different uses. Whatever the size or shape you need, you can rest assured that we will build a server rack that perfectly suits your data centre or server room dimensions.

Ensure your server rack or custom cases are built to YOUR specs

As Goldilocks found out when she broke into the three bears’ house, it’s always best to get something that is just right. You don’t want to get stuck with a server cabinet or a computer rack that is too big or too small, so ensure it is just the right size by having it specially built. Our experienced team can build everything from custom road cases to wall mount cabinets and everything in between, to your exact specifications - we are dedicated to providing the equipment that fits your equipment, perfectly.

Contact Rackworld Systems today for the very best in custom racks and other specially built products. We deliver right across Australia.