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Floor mount

Floor Mounted Computer & Data Cabinets

Rackworld Systems is a specialist manufacturer of custom made floor mount cabinets suitable for a range of different applications. From audio racks and data cabinets to a floor mounted computer rack, we will have what you need to safely case your equipment.

Explore our selection of floor mounted desktop cabinets in a variety of sizes and find the one that best suits your data centre or server room. Whether you’re looking for 19 inch cabinets, or a 12u or 42u rack, Rackworld Systems will either have or be able to custom build a floor mountable cabinet or rack shelf to satisfy your requirements.

Superior audio and data cabinets protecting your valuable equipment

Our industrial cabinets are great for safely storing security systems that are critical for any business. We also have audio cabinets to house effects units and other audio recording equipment. Manufactured using only the finest materials to ensure strict quality standards, when you purchase a one of the floor mountable 19 inch cabinets or rack shelves from Rackworld Systems, you can rest easy knowing your equipment is safe and secure.

Benefits of floor mounting

Simply put, the key benefit of having a floor mounted data cabinet over one that has been wall mounted is that it becomes infinitely easier and more efficient to install a new server or other piece of equipment. A floor mounted cabinet is also more capable of storing heavier items than a wall mounted computer rack too.

To order or enquire about floor mounting an audio rack or desktop cabinet, contact Server Racks & Cabinets today from anywhere across Australia.