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Air Conditioners 230V Slimline RAL7035

Product Code: Air Conditioners 230V Slimline RAL7035

All Slimsline Air Conditioners are mounted externally on the sides or rear of the cabinet, Those units provide an IP seal onto the cabinet wall and do not encroach into the racking area.

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The Seifert range of air conditioners is available for use in conjunction with a Rack World Systems Industrial cabinet / electrical enclosures. All holes required for mounting the Air Conditioner are incorporated during the manufacturing process, thus ensuring precision fitting and NO unpainted edges and producing a fully sealed environment for maximum protection.

When used with RWS range of Industrial Cabinets and mounted externally, I.P.55 (Ingress Protection) is maintained for dust and moisture. Maximum dust and moisture protection rating for these units is IP54.