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Profile B

Product Code: Profile B

This is a bench top style console and comes with 13RU (580mm) of usable height below the desk.

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This is a bench top style console and comes with 13RU (580mm) of usable height below the desk.

Type B console is frequently specified for use in conjunction with other profiles and often used at the ends of a composite console to accommodate printers, fax machines etc. For tractor feed paper, the desktop can have a paper slot and cable entry bung fitted, which allows the paper to be fed from below the desk. This should be decided at the time of ordering. Freestanding monitors can also be used with this profile.

Suitable; For use as a stand alone unit or in conjunction with other RWS consoles.


  • All Consoles are manufactured using heavy gauge phosphated steel for frame, and internal structure and mounting components. Desktops are manufactured using MDF with a laminate veneer and can be colour matched to customers specifications.
  • Entry into body of console is gained via rear lockable door. Lower front and under desk door covers and end panels provide generous access for installations and periodic service. Bayed cabinets are not isolated, providing unrestricted cable access.
  • Equipment up to 400mm deep can be installed in bottom half of console.
  • Choice of Colours. Can be powder coated finished in our choice of 6 colours at no additional charge; Black Ripple, Charcoal Grey Ripple, APO Grey Ripple, Gypse Beige Ripple, IBM Blue Ripple, Light Grey Ripple.
  • Built in leveling feet and fasterners, allows console to bolted to the floor or raised on levellng feet.
  • Keylockable doors under desk


  • Multiple Baying of various consoles in 19", 21" or 650mm wide modues.
  • Wedges can be added to create rounded edge or corners when baying multiple consoles. Available in 22.5 and 45 degree angles. Wedges can be modifed above the desk to house equipment such as phones, clocks and books etc etc.
  • 19" Accessories available. Configure your console with our huge range of 19" rackmount accessories to maxsimise your investment.
  • Side Panels may be added to fully enclose console.
  • Castor Wheels with brakes may be installed for mobility