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Data Centre Bus Bar
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For decades power distribution into a Data Centre via the traditional secured in a cabinet model, has played a critical role in maintaining the continuous supply of power by keeping all essential services up and running. Having he right robust solution is critical within this industry with smart technology enabling you to monitor the electrical paramaters and health of your power supply system. IT Managers can monitor the health of the power supply system with remote reporting to assist in preventing potential and costly power outages

This traditional method of routing power into a cabinet may also restrict the amount of equipment to be installed and may also be dependent on type of solution being selected in both vertical and horizontal mounting of PDU’s. Our inViromon bus bar technology assist Data centre managers by maximise the real estate within a small footprint then allowing installers / IT staff to utilise the cabinets full rack unit (RU) space allocated to the equipment. This in turn provides a better return on investment over the life cycle of this solution.

Another advantage to moving to bus bar technology may also allow for correct and effective cooling within a cabinet. This leading to a better cooling efficiency and eliminating ageing power cables, sagging of cables and allows for easier maintenance and ensuring a longer Gevity of the DC power structure.

The continuous development of newer technologies, sees Data Centres becoming more power and hungry and the trends indicating it will continue to increase at a rapid rate due to the ongoing double digit data growth by businesses and consumers year on year. Traditional methods will not suffice moving forward with this type of power demand and the need for inViroMon Busbar technology was born. An intelligent solution and flexible power distribution system with plug and play technologies. It is designed in mind for Data Centres to grow and scale as their demand requires it to grow over the next 30 years or more

More cabinet space, allows you to maximise realestate, leads to higher profitability

  • Replacing power distribution cabinets with extra server racks and increasing Data Center incomes.
  • The busbar clears away the barrier underneath the floor and contributes to a higher cooling efficiency.
  • Power distribution cabinet occupies precious floor space in the rack row.
  • Power whips block the cold air and affect the cooling efficiency
  • Busbar system creates spaces for more server racks.
  • The uncluttered underfloor space helps to improve cooling efficiency.

Better contact, better safety

  • Innovative vertical interlocking structure ensures a long-lasting firm contact.
  • First-In-Last-Out grounding design provides extraordinary safety and reliability.

Lift tap-off box into the BUSBAR, grounding contacts first

Horizontally rotate the tap-off box for 90º

Pull tap-off box down to position, all conductors in contact.