Pelican Lights

Rack World Systems is a proud supplier of Pelican lights in Australia. Pelican manufactures a range of high-quality, durable and reliable lights that are suitable for a range of different applications. At Rack World Systems, we offer Pelican flashlights and Pelican remote area lighting systems.


Our Pelican flashlights and Pelican torches produce a powerful, bright beam and feature an extended battery life. All Pelican lights feature strong casings, with some models resistant to chemicals, water, and corrosion. Order online today and receive prompt delivery throughout Australia.


A Pelican remote area lighting system is perfect for illuminating confined spaces, riverbanks, ravines, or any place where generator lights are not suitable. The portable lighting system features powerful lighting, long lasting batteries, and durable casing.

For further information about any of our Pelican lights, please contact us today. We can match you with the perfect lighting product for your requirements.