Laptop Cases

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It’s important to protect large and sensitive equipment from damage as a result of being dropped or mishandled. Fortunately, the specialists at Rack World Systems have a number of Pelican large cases for you to choose from depending on your specific needs. These include the 1650 Pelican case, the 1660 Pelican case, and the 81.7 litre Pelican ISB case.


Our strong yet lightweight Pelican large cases feature retractable extension handles, double throw latches that are easy to open, stainless steel hardware, padlock protectors, fold down handles, and more. They also boast watertight, crushproof and dust proof qualities, guaranteeing a lifetime of excellence.

Our ISB Pelican large case features columnar ribs that can withstand huge stacking loads, positive anti-shear locks that keep the lips and base aligned during impact, tongues and groove seals to keep dust and moisture out, and much more.


With years of experience under our belts, you can trust Rack World Systems to provide Pelican large cases that deliver ultimate longevity, reliability and safety. Contact us today to place your order.