Lcd Kvm Switches & Other Rack Mount Pc Solutions

Rack World Systems takes pride in catering to the diverse needs of all industries, from data centres through to mining and everything in between. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of various rack, cabinet and storage units, we can provide high-quality KVM switches and other products for data centres.

Save time, power and space by controlling multiple computers in a networked resource with a KVM (or Keyboard, Video and Mouse) system from Rack World Systems. With our selection of Rack mount PC KVM switches, you can increase the efficiency and productivity of your organisation and stay connected with every server in the rack.

Benefits Of Our KVM Products

Our KVM range has what you need to manage network operations from a single control point in an effective way, with uniquely designed KVM switches, monitors and keyboards available. Our rack mount LCD monitors come in different screen sizes and have incorporated features that can accommodate your needs.

Depending on your specifications, you can find top quality KVM switch products and other peripheral equipment from Rack World Systems at affordable prices. We also offer specified warranty periods. Check out the detailed product descriptions for each product or enquire online today.