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InViroMon 14 port - Vertical

Product Code: Metered PDU 14 port - vertical mounting

There 3 version of this PDU

  • Metered PDU – 10amp with standard Australian outlets - AS 3112 (x14)
  • Metered PDU – 15amp with standard Australian outlets - AS 3112 (x14)
  • Basic PDU – 15amp with C13 (x10) outlets and C19 (x4) outlets
Price From: AU$214.50

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Product Description


This PDU comes with 14 standard Australian 3-pin. It is a vertically fitted PDU supplied with a 1.8m lead and plug.

Like all of our InViroMon PDU series, this unit comes with areplaceable LCD module that allows you to monitor total power consumptions readings as well as total voltage and total current.

This PDU can be used in conjunction with other InViroMon products such as the InViroMon Master Unit, which allows remote (WAN or LAN) monitoring of server racks. This Master unit can monitor up 48 such PDUs with a single IP address.

This PDU is also available in 15AMP


  • Surge protection
  • 1.8m long power chord
  • Blue LED power indicators
  • Repleacable LCD module
  • 14 outlets standard AUS 3-pin
  • 895mm tall x 45mm wide x 45mm deep


Replaceable LCD Module – An LCD Meter that provides power consumption, current & voltage measurements with Ethernet link for remote monitoring.

InViroMon Master Unit – Links to LCD Meter that allows remote monitoring of a cabinet as well as climatic measurements inside the cabinet (i.e. temperature, humidity, smoke etc.)

InViroMon Slave Unit – links to Master unit and LCD Meter through Ethernet. This unit is used to monitor more than one cabinet through 1 single Master unit (i.e. 1 IP address).