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4ru Pelican Ruggedized Cases

If you require an excellent solution for fragile instruments and electronics, Rack World Systems has the perfect solution. We can provide you with a 4ru ruggedized rack mount case from Pelican-Hardiggthat can provide valuable protectionand safety for your equipment.

Our Range of 4ru Pelican Cases

Rack World Systems offersa wide range of 4u products from Pelican. Providing superior protection for different equipment types, our available range includes:

  • CLASSIC RACK − Pelican’s CLASSIC RACK is the most secure rack in the industry and is ideal for transporting ultra-fragile equipment
  • SUPER MACK − The SUPER MACK from Pelican is designed for sensitive electronic equipment, providing protection from falls, vibrations and other stressors
  • MACK RACK − The Pelican MACK RACK is a portable and versatile case with a rugged outer shell, ensuring excellent protection from shock and vibration
  • V-Series 33” Classic - V − Pelican’s V-Series 33” Classic - V is specially engineered for secure, watertight transport of rack mountable electronics
  • V-Series 24” Super - V − The V-Series 24” Super - V from Pelican is ideal for transporting rack mountable electronics, with flexible mounting equipment available
  • BLACKBOX − Pelican’s BLACKBOX is perfect for protecting server and communication equipment and allows for multiple enclosures to be stacked
  • PRORACK − The PRORACK from Pelican is a lightweight and space-efficient solution that includes openings at the front and rear

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