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Crucial to the functionality of a workplace’s IT / communications system is the functionality of its server. When you protect the server, you protect your network. The best way to keep your server operating at its optimal level is to store it in its own rack enclosure in a temperature controlled server room. Rack World Systems offers a vast array of server racks in a multitude of sizes. If you need a 42u rack to accommodate all of your equipment and accessories, we’re sure to have a model that meets your requirements. We also stock a great selection of accessories to help you best organise your 42u rack enclosure. Find out what we can do for you today.


One of the most vital factors that can influence the performance ability of your server is constant, consistent airflow across all of its surfaces. By storing it in a 42u cabinet, the server is exposed to constant airflow all over, helping it to perform at an optimal level and also enabling your entire network to perform at its best too.

Provided it’s the best fit for your server, a 42u rack will make it easier to perform maintenance on your equipment. A cable tray can also help you to keep all the cords tidy and organised, making any necessary work to be completed a breeze. Choose from a range of options, including 42ru wall mount cabinets, floor mounted racks, and more!

Rack World Systems delivers Australia wide, so place your order for one of our 42u rack height products today.