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39ru Rack Server Cabinets

Just as humans rely on a functioning heart to survive, a workplace communications / IT network relies on a functioning server to keep working. The best way to protect your server is by keeping it secured in a special rack in a temperature-controlled server room. There are a wide range of server cabinet sizes to choose from, all dependent on how much equipment you need stored. For a great selection of 39ru sized server racks, discover what Rack World Systems can do for you. In addition to server cabinets, we can also supply you with all the essential accessories you need, including a 39u power distribution unit (PDU), a 39ru cable tray, and a 39ru power rail.

Why Choose a 39ru Server Cabinet?

To ensure your server keeps working at an optimal level it should be exposed to constant airflow on all sides, and a 39ru rack will provide the consistent airflow that enables the server to keep working at its best. A 39u rack also enables easier maintenance, especially with a corresponding 39u cable tray to keep the cables at the back of the server tidy and organised.

Choose from a selection of options including a 39ru wall mount cabinet, floor mounted racks and other models. Rack World Systems delivers Australia-wide, so contact us about our 39ru wall mount rack selection and place your order today!