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33u Server Cabinet

When it comes to a communications or IT network, the one component of it that needs protection above all others is the server. Essentially the nerve centre of the system, the server is best protected in a server rack that is located in a temperature controlled server room. Server racks come in different sizes to accommodate varying amounts of equipment that needs to be installed. If you’re looking for a 33u server cabinet for your workplace, you can trust Rack World Systems to have an option that meets your requirements. We can also help you out with essential accessories such as a 33ru cable tray, power distribution unit and much more.

Why Opt For a 33u Server Rack?

A server works best when it gets to enjoy maximum airflow across all surfaces, which is what situating it in a server rack provides. And when the server works at peak performance, so too does the rest of the network. The server system is easier to maintain when it is organised and methodical – particularly with the many cables found at the back of the server.  A 33u cable tray will enable you to keep the cables tidy, which in turn makes maintenance tasks easier.

With a variety of options to choose from, including a 33ru wall mount rack, floor mount cabinet, and other options, get in touch with Rack World Systems to see how we can help you.