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3u Pelican RackMount Cases

Rack World Systems is proud to offerruggedized road cases from Pelican-Hardiggthat are ideal for fragile instruments and electronics in field-deployed and sheltered applications. Typical uses include solid-state circuit electronics, radar and microwave antennas, control consoles and panels, or radio, TV and communications equipment.

Choose from a Wide Range of 3u Options

With countless 3u rack mount cases and other solutions available from reputable brand Pelican, you can choose from the following options:

  • CLASSIC RACK − The CLASSIC RACK from Pelican provides an extra rugged solution for transporting ultra-fragile equipment
  • SUPER MACK − Pelican’s SUPER MACK is the most compact container enables easy field deployment and integration of equipment, with plenty of space for wiring
  • MACK RACK − The MACK RACK from Pelican provides excellent protection from shock, vibration, moisture and impact for delicate equipment and instruments
  • V-Series 33” Classic - V − The V-Series 33” Classic - V from Pelican is a watertight container that allows for secure transport of rack mountable electronics
  • V-Series 24” Super - V − Pelican’s V-Series 24” Super - V is specially engineered for transporting rack mountable electronics and features comfort grip handles
  • BLACKBOX − The BLACKBOX from Pelican is the perfect mobile case for server and communication equipment

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Next time you need a rugged solution for fragile instruments such as servers, discover the rack case range available from Rack World Systems. To find out more about our available Pelican 3u rackcases, call us today on 1300 893 493.