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24u Server Cabinet

Are you looking for the perfect 24u server cabinet for your computer room or on-site audio visual centre? Rack World Systems offers a quality 24u rack enclosure that should sufficiently meet your requirements. We know how important communications and IT systems are to your business, which is why we aim to help you organise your server in a way that avoids unnecessary system crashes and communication drop outs. In addition to the 24u rack, we also offer a variety of accessories and essential add-ons to ensure the cabinet is used to its fullest potential.

How a 24u Server Rack Can Improve Your Business

The last thing any business wants is for their information technology and communications systems to drop out from underneath them. A healthy server will reduce the likelihood of this happening. By storing the server in a 24ru rack so it can experience constant air flow, the server stays cool, doesn’t heat up, and becomes less susceptible to crashing.

Server maintenance is commonplace, whether it’s a regularly scheduled event or an unforeseen occasion that needs to be resolved ASAP. A 24u rack cabinet enables the maintenance specialist to carry out their work easily, especially as the many cables become better organised and tidied. Less time will be wasted completing maintenance, which means more time can be spent on other aspects of the business.

Rack World Systems is able to deliver your 24u rack enclosure to almost anywhere in Australia, so find out more and get in touch with us to place your order.