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Pelican 14ru Road Cases

At Rack World Systems, we offer ruggedized 14rumobile road cases from Pelican-Hardiggthat provide excellent protection and mobility for your professional equipment. Our options are suitable for a range of applications, including audio/visual systems, satellite communication systems, radio communication systems, climate data collection, and seismic data recording instrumentation.

With more than 20 years of industry experience, our expert team can provide storage solutions with an emphasis on longevity, reliability and safety for a range of industries.

Choose From Our Range Of Pelican 14u Cases

At Rack World Systems, we’re proud to stock a range of quality 14u rack mountcases from leading brand Pelican. Within our range, you’ll find:

  • CLASSIC RACK − When you need a strong and secure case for ultra-fragile equipment, the CLASSIC RACK from Pelican is a superior choice
  • SUPER MACK − Pelican’s SUPER MACK compact container makes field deployment and equipment integration easy thanks to its removable rack
  • MACK RACK − The MACK RACK from Pelican has a smaller footprint for limited spaces and is perfect for protecting delicate equipment and instruments
  • V-Series 24” Super - V − The Pelican V-Series 24” Super - V is an excellent choice for transporting rack mountable electronics, with flexible mounting options available
  • BLACKBOX − Pelican’s BLACKBOX mobile case is specially designed to keep server and communication equipment secure
  • PRORACK − The Pelican PRORACK is a lightweight and space-efficient container that provides excellent protection against rain, immersion, dust and impact

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