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How to select the right cabinet/rack.

In order to assist with selecting the right product please refer to the list on the left hand side.

Click on your height requirement and it will show you products relating to this height.

What does 1U, 2U or 3U mean?

rack unit (abbreviated U or RU) is a unit of measure defined as 44.50 millimetres (1.75 in). It is most frequently used as a measurement of the overall height of 19-inch and 23-inch rack frames, as well as the height of equipment that mounts in these frames, whereby the height of the frame or equipment is expressed as multiples of rack units. For example, a typical full-size rack cage is 42U high, while equipment to be fitted inside the rack is typically 1U, 2U, 3U, or 4U high.

In other words

1U equals 1.75-inches (44.45mm) of rack height. Therefore, a 2U rack mount height would be 2 x 44.45mm (1.75"), which equals 88.90 mm H (3.5-inches). A 3U height would be 3 x 44.45 (1.75") = 133.35 mm H (5.25-inches).

What you also have to take into consideration.

All our products will not have the same overall external height even if they have the same rack units. For Example, our 42RU 007 channel racks are 2020 mm High whilst our 42RU 007 Floor Mount racks are 2090 mm in overall height. This is due to the overall build of the products including but not limited to different height castor wheels.

For further clarification do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly Sales Team who will assist in identifying your exact requirement.