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Eaton 5SC Tower
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  • The Eaton 5SC uninterruptible  power supply (UPS) delivers affordable and reliable protection for small business servers. It rounds out the robust Eaton 5 Series range and compliments the 5S, 5P, and 5PX UPSs. With its advanced feature sets, the 5S provides industry-leading power management software and the best price to performance ration of the 5-Series class.
  • Reliable power protection
  • Flexible integration

Eaton 5SC UPS Provides Affordable and Reliable Power Protection for Small Business Servers, Storage and Network Equipment

It features a liquid crystal display (LCD) interface that provides a clear status of key UPS parameters, such as input and output voltage, load and battery level and estimated runtime. It is designed to protect tower servers, network-attached storage (NAS) and network equipment, and similar IT applications; and its compact footprint accommodates tight spaces, such as small network closets, medical offices, automatic teller machines (ATMs), ticket machines and kiosks.

The 5SC delivers an affordable UPS with an easy-to-read display that serves as a personal dashboard to quickly and easily view status information and data -The 5SC is accompanied by Eaton’s complimentary, award-winning Intelligent Power Manager® (IPM) software, which integrates seamlessly with leading virtualization platforms to automate live migration of virtual machines to ensure business continuity during power events.”

For additional manageability, the 5SC also features universal serial bus (USB) and serial connectivity. The USB port is human interface device (HID) compliant for automatic integration into Windows, Mac OS and Linux. When operating in battery mode, the 5SC provides a high quality output signal for any sensitive equipment connected. The 5SC also corrects a wide range of input voltage variations through continuous regulation without the use of batteries, and ensures consistent input voltage to the connected equipment.

The 5SC is available with a power rating range of 500 to 1500 volt-amperes (VA) across seven models. For more information about the new Eaton 5SC UPS models, please see specifications table below,


  • LCD interface clearly shows key information
  • Sinewave output for compatibility with today’s small business servers
  • Compact design for easy integration even with space constraints (kiosks, cash machines, ticket machines etc.) and up to eight outlets for better flexibility
  • Reliable, long-lasting UPS with patented ABM® technology that increases battery service life by up to 50%
  • Serial and USB ports are HID compliant for automatic integration into major OS (Windows/MacOS/Linux)
  • Eaton Intelligent Power software® delivered as standard is compatible with all major operating systems
  • Up to 4 years (total) warranty
  • Replacement Battery Packs – for more information, please call us!