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How to choose the right Depth Cabinet for your 19" Rack Mount Equipment.

Choosing the correct depth when purchasing a cabinet is imperative as the wrong choice can be very costly in time and money.

At Rack World Systems we supply cabinets in various depths to suit different types of solutions. When we advise a depth it is the full depth of the cabinet including doors.What you need to consider is the equipment being mounted into the cabinet is suitable as the equipment will also have cabling. As a standard our vertical mounting rails are pre-positioned at 75mm depth from the front of rack and the rear of the rack.

Rack mount depth is a commonly confused term. The term is commonly confused with the overall rack depth including the door. The term is defined as the dimension from the front of the front vertical mounting rail to the back of the rear vertical mounting rail. Due to the fact that many cabinets have adjustable mounting rails, the depth can only be accurately determined by measuring it.

The rack mounting depth has been increasing over the years, along with the overall depth of racks. This is caused by the steady increase of the depths of standard servers made by Dell, HP and IBM. Here are the OEM standards:

  • Dell standard depth is 73.34 cm (28 7/8″)
  • HP standard depth is 73.97cm (29 1/8″)
  • IBM standard depth is 72.39 cm (28 1/2″)

The depth was commonly 48.26 cm to 60.96 cm (19″ to 24″). This depth is still used for Audio Racks. The most common depth is now approximately 73.66 cm (29″) since this is close to all OEM’s.

At Rack World Systems the majority of our most popular racks have adjustable mounting rails to make installation a lot easier.

Rack World Systems also provide smaller racks which can be used as wall mount or desktop which are available in depths from 300 mm, 450 mm, and 600. We can also customize a solution for you using our 010 Series racks for greater depths.

In order to find out what your rack requirement is just simply measure the depth of your equipment and add 150mm. For example, if your equipment is 300 mm deep then this will easily fit into a 450 mm deep cabinet.