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Looking for energy efficient and affordable industrial computer cabinet air conditioning? A cold aisle containment system is the most efficient and cost-effective method of removing heat from cabinets operating in a data room. This computer room air conditioning system is designed for the Rack World Systems 005 range of data cabinets and is a modular system which builds a room around 2 rows of cabinets that are facing each other. When you equip your industrial server rack with air conditioning, you’ll enjoy ultimate reliability and performance.

Due to the specialised nature of cold and hot aisle containment, quotations and pricing are issued upon application only (POA).

The RWS Cold Aisle Containment System is suited to the 005 range of cabinets.

This purpose built system is designed to assist in the efficient energy use of cooling within data room environments.

The system is made up of modular doors and roof kits that can easily be installed and grown as your racking needs increase.

The system has roof panels which are glazed with clear acrylic. This allows for the existing room lighting to be utilized thus eliminating the need for additional energy consumption.

The ends of the containment system are fitted with double sliding doors which are also glazed in clear acrylic. These are fitted standard with automatic door closures to further assist with your data room efficiency. The system utilizes the under floor cooling system, thus creating an energy efficient temperature controlled room within the data centre.

All components are manufactured from Galvaneal Coated Mild Steel, and finished in Powder Coat Black. The system is designed to be used in conjunction with the 1000 deep and 1200 deep 005 range of Server Cabinets.

RWS can purpose build a Cold Aisle Containment System to suit you specific needs when adapting to an existing environment.

Please discuss your requirements with one of our Sales Staff.

If Multiple Cabinets need to be bayed, the number of units can be adjusted when finalysing the order in the Shopping Bag area.

Features of our air conditioning server rack include:

  • Easy to install roof panels which come with replacement top panels for the cabinet.
  • Air seals on all tops and end doors to maintain efficiency.
  • Clear windows on top panels and end doors to maintain high levels of ambient lighting.
  • A modular design which is easy to modify or expand.