Classic Rack™

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Classic Rack™
approx 12 weeks by sea freight or approx 6 weeks by air freight

Pelican-Hardigg’s extra rugged, rotomolded Classic Rack Cases have demonstrated their strength thousands of times over by saving ultra-fragile equipment from damage during transport. Our proven 19" EIA Classic Rack is the strongest, most secure rack in the industry. Our precision-tuned, elastomeric, shockmount systems provide maximum protectionfor ultra-fragile equipment from shock and vibration – nothing protects better than a Classic Rack from Pelican-Hardigg™

G[Fragility Rating] :15 - 30


  • Rack mountable precision test equipment.
  • Electro-mechanical.
  • Medical and biological diagnostic equipment, memory storage devices.
  • Meteorological instruments.
  • Mobile operations.
  • Broadcast and video gear.
  • Laboratory equipment.
  • Aerospace instrumentation.
  • Servers, military mission planning.
  • Command and control equipment.
  • Flight simulators.
  • Ideal for delicate equipment that requires the most protection available, in the widest range of sizes.
  • Individually fine-tuned shockmounts for each application provide excellent shock and vibration dampening plus cooling airflow for operating equipment.
  • Security for equipment from 20-340 lbs.
  • Recessed, zinc-plated, yellow chromate hardware holds up under duress and use.
  • Tool-free rack removal.