In the Spotlight – 007 Wallmount Cabinets

The 007 series of wallmount cabinets is a popular choice, with these cabinets offering a range of advantages at an inexpensive price point. Suitable for spaces and working environments of all types, 007 cabinets are often chosen for the likes of advertising agencies, law and accounting firms, corporate spaces, collaborative offices and more.

Beyond being a safe and secure way to store away devices and cables, this blog post shines a spotlight on some other advantages offered by 007 wallmount cabinets.

Just Some of the Many Advantages

007 wallmount cabinets are such a popular choice because they offer an extensive range of benefits. Here are just some the main reasons why these cabinets are so highly sought after:

  • Cost effective – Considered to be a budget solution that’s still high in quality, 007 wallmount cabinets are often chosen for their low price point in comparison to other types of cabinets on the market. They’re also very easy to install, ensuring cost-effective installation.
  • Available in a range of sizes – With a wide range of sizes to choose from, 007 wallmount cabinets are suitable for most spaces. Ranging from 6RU to 22RU in height and 300mm to 600mm in depth, it’s likely that you’ll find the perfect cabinets for your space.
  • Stylish and practical appearance – So you don’t have to sacrifice the aesthetic of your space, the 007 wallmount series comes with metal or acrylic door options, a front glass door, removable side panels, and pre-installed fans for thermal management. There’s also cable access via the roof for further practicality.

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