Laptop Charging Trolley

We are pleased to present you with Rack World System's new product, the Laptop Charging Trolley. Taking into consideration ergonomics and aesthetics, this notebook charger trolley model is designed for education environments as well as commercial businesses.


Manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised steel and available in numerous colour options, including corporate colours, each notebook charger trolley is a stylish piece of additional schoolroom or office furniture. They’re also powder coated, assembled with concealed hemlock rivets, and fitted with appropriate venting to ensure no excessive heat build up.


Our netbook and notebook trolleys boast a range of fantastic features, including horizontal laptop storage with enough space to accommodate all associated power supplies and leads. Each laptop trolley also includes a built in power source, allowing you to charge netbooks and notebooks overnight.

Other features of our laptop trolley charger include:

  • 2 light indicator power switches
  • Cable retaining brackets to ensure tidiness
  • Provision for a security cable to prevent unauthorised moving
  • Doors with three-point locking for additional security
  • A recessed tray in the top for bags, folders, pens or other items
  • A pull away power lead, ensuring no damage is incurred if the trolley is moved whilst still plugged in

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Whether you work in a school or an office, you’re sure to be impressed by the convenience and functionality offered by laptop trolleys. To learn more about our notebook charger trolley, get in touch with Rack World Systems today.