How an Eaton or ION UPS Can Protect Your Network

As the weather begins to warm up and we increase our use of air conditioners, fans and coolers in order to cope with the heat, the risk of power failure increases. We saw it in South Australia in 2016 where the entire state was blacked out, and there’s been talk that something similar could happen in Victoria this summer.

Power failures can be a minor inconvenience at best, but at worst they can cause damage to your servers and equipment. Fortunately, with an Eaton or ION UPS in your home office or workplace, worrying about power cuts can become a thing of the past.

What is a UPS?

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. A UPS provides a back up supply of power that kicks in when a power failure occurs. Essentially a large battery containing a small computer which regulates power output, the UPS is connected to a power source as well as to your rack.

Typically you’ll get about 30 to 60 minutes of additional power from your UPS, which is enough time to get through most black outs without incurring damage to your network.

Extended runtime for longer periods can be tailored to customers’ requirements, depending on the level of equipment protection required. This will depend on the correct UPS application being deployed, from standard not so critical to critical applications.

Which Uninterruptible Power Supply Should You Choose?

Businesses of varying sizes need to purchase UPS products to protect their network equipment, so it makes sense that they come in a variety of different sizes to accommodate a varying range of needs. For example, the Eaton 3S is a compact and user-friendly option that’s perfect for a home office, while the Eaton MX Frame provides enough juice to run a computer network for a small business for up to two hours.

Consider your equipment for your business as your life blood to keep things flowing. If the blood was to stop circulating, what would happen? The same applies for electricity. If power is to be cut without notice, what would happen? Without the correct level of protection, your equipment can be destroyed by surges, brown outs and black outs. If correct back up procedures are not in place, losing critical data can be disastrous.

So please consider the correct level of protection for your application and treat it as a level of insurance. Just like any other insurance product, you can save plenty of money by not taking short cuts.

There are many Eaton and ION UPS options to choose from – check out the range online at Rack World today.