The Benefits of Pelican Road Cases

Rack World Systems stocks an extensive selection of road cases, but few come close to matching the quality and versatility of Pelican road cases. Whether you need superior protection for delicate and fragile products or you’re looking for an array of excellent features for different applications and situations, Pelican road cases offer numerous advantages that elevate them above other products. Continue reading to learn more about their fantastic benefits.

Provide Superior Protection

Fragile equipment requires as much protection as possible during storage and transit. Fine-tuned shock mount systems in classic Pelican road cases can shield even the most delicate tools from damaging vibrations, kinetic impacts and moisture. Custom grip handles also allow people to carry the cases more easily, limiting the amount of movement that contents are forced to endure.

Easy to Transport

Pelican road cases are easy to transport from one location to another thanks to their lightweight construction and compact size. Some even come with custom grip handles so that carrying them around is less physically strenuous. Furthermore, weight from the materials inside is evenly distributed so that they’re less awkward to move around.

Multiple Options to Choose From

Pelican road cases are available in numerous configurations, including:

  • Classic Racks – One of the strongest and most secure road cases, ideal for protecting delicate equipment during storage and transport
  • Mac Racks – More compact and lightweight than classic racks, suitable for protecting smaller instruments from vibration and moisture
  • Pro Racks – A space efficient container that can be outfitted with removable casters and other accessories, perfect for electronic and medical components
  • SuperMac – Features removable rack systems for easier field deployment, protecting sensitive equipment from damaging vibrations and kinetic impacts that might cause damage

In addition, these road cases can be custom designed to your desired specifications so that they can meet your exact requirements.

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