Available Options in the Pelican Road Case Range

The Pelican road case range offers numerous solutions for transporting servers and other delicate IT equipment. At Rack World Systems, we’re proud to stock an impressive range of options to choose from. Continue reading to learn about some of the most popular options available in our Pelican road case range.

Classic Racks

When looking for server racks that are strong, secure and sturdy, Classic Racks always win. Offering a completely safe custom case option for those hoping to store away data systems and servers, Classic Racks are composed of shock mount systems and allow for ultimate protection of fragile IT equipment. These racks limit the likelihood of damage during transport and can suit your specific requirements.

Mac Racks

Mac Racks are the perfect choice when looking for rack products that are lightweight, space efficient and easy to transport. Mac Racks offer a smaller sway space than the likes of Classic Racks and are available with custom grip handle features, ergonomic materials, and the ability to protect delicate hardware and equipment from shock, moisture, impact and other kinds of damage.

Pro Racks

Pro Racks are a superior choice when looking for a convenient custom case for electronic, medical and testing equipment components. Another lightweight and space-efficient option, Pro Racks are also shock-proof and can be easily fitted into any space. Pro Rack containers are tough, secure and durable, plus they come with additional features such as extra threaded rack clips, removable casters and more.

SuperMac Cases

SuperMac cases are a good option when looking for server cabinets that protect sensitive IT equipment or delicate products from falls, vibrations, stresses and other forms of damage. Compact and sturdy, they boast removal rack system features, easy field deployment, and simple equipment integration.

Other Available Options

In addition to the above built-to-order cases, Pelican road cases are also available to buy off-the-shelf in the following options:

  • Classic V Series – The Classic V Series is engineered for safe and secure transportation of rack mountable electronics. Features include stainless steel handles, anti-reflective black hardware, and a RotoMolded Polyethylene body.
  • Super V Series – Super V cases share many features with the Classic V Series but are available in more options, ranging from 3U up to 14U.
  • Black Box Series – Rugged yet lightweight and compact, the Black Box Series is ideal for transporting 19” server and communications equipment across rough terrain. Features include secure locks, comfort grip handles, and a 19” steel frame with inbuilt shock mounting, hidden wheels in rear case for easy transportation.

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