4 Stand-Out Features of Black Box Cases

Transporting delicate equipment can be physically and emotionally challenging. Fortunately, black box cases from Pelican are designed to lessen these challenges and make the process much easier. From shock mount systems that provide maximum protection through to comfort-grip handles that make lifting easier, black box cases boast numerous features that make them suitable for various applications. This blog post details just some of the fantastic features they possess.

Shock Mount Systems

Fine-tuned shock mount systems mitigate damaging shocks, vibrations and kinetic impacts. These systems provide 5.1cm of sway space to isolate equipment and ensure contents don’t bump around too much during transit. Furthermore, a moulded in-rib design provides secure stacking and interlock for more economical use of space.

Lightweight & Compact

Black box cases are lightweight and compact, taking up minimal space so they’re easy to handle. You can fit multiple boxes into the back of a vehicle, even if you don’t have a huge amount of storage space. They also feature two castor wheels for extra mobility, allowing you to pull them along behind you and minimise the amount of time spent carrying them.

Comfort-Grip Handles

How often do you drop something because of its awkward size and shape rather than its weight? Fortunately, black box cases feature comfort-grip handles that make lifting and carrying loaded cases easy. You’ll be much less likely to drop the box and damage the delicate components inside when using these wide-design ergonomic handles.

Numerous Applications

Black box cases are known for their versatility, making them a popular choice for numerous applications. Whether you’re using delicate instrumentation to collect and record data on climate patterns and seismic activity or you’re transporting valuable audio-visual recording and processing systems, black box cases can accommodate your specific needs.

If a higher fragility rating is required, consider Pelican Classic Racks, Mac Racks and SuperMac Racks (all fully customisable) and the Classic V and Super V for deeper server applications.

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