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Monthly Archives: October 2018

  • How an Eaton or ION UPS Can Protect Your Network

    As the weather begins to warm up and we increase our use of air conditioners, fans and coolers in order to cope with the heat, the risk of power failure increases. We saw it in South Australia in 2016 where the entire state was blacked out, and there’s been talk that something similar could happen in Victoria this summer.[...]

  • The Benefits of Pelican Road Cases

    Rack World Systems stocks an extensive selection of road cases, but few come close to matching the quality and versatility of Pelican road cases. Whether you need superior protection for delicate and fragile products or you’re looking for an array of excellent features for different applications and situations, Pelican road cases offer numerous advantages that elevate them above other products.[...]

  • 4 Stand-Out Features of Black Box Cases

    Transporting delicate equipment can be physically and emotionally challenging. Fortunately, black box cases from Pelican are designed to lessen these challenges and make the process much easier. From shock mount systems that provide maximum protection through to comfort-grip handles that make lifting easier, black box cases boast numerous features that make them suitable for various applications.[...]

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