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Monthly Archives: July 2018

  • In the Spotlight – 007 Wallmount Cabinets

    The 007 series of wallmount cabinets is a popular choice, with these cabinets offering a range of advantages at an inexpensive price point. Suitable for spaces and working environments of all types, 007 cabinets are often chosen for the likes of advertising agencies, law and accounting firms, corporate spaces, collaborative offices and more.[...]

  • Taking a Look at the Features of the Acoustic Z-G6 Cabinet

    With a recent rise in demand for comfortable and practical working spaces, more and more corporate spaces, agencies and firms are choosing to use 19” rack mounted cabinets. In particular, many are opting for the impressive and highly sought after Acoustic Z-G6 Cabinet – one of the most popular noise-reducing cabinets on the market.[...]

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