Fixed Fan Tray

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1RU Fixed Fan Tray
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This unit is Australian made and designed to suit the following products

  • 005 Enterprise
  • 005 A – Audiovisual
  • 005 B - Broadcast
  • 010 Wallmount
  • WM2 Wallmount

This unit is available in 3 or or 6 fans with the option of a speed controller or adjustable thermostat or both.

Can be positioned in the rack top to optimise its effectiveness. i.e. towards the back to clear deep equipment that would otherwise interfere with the air flow, or forward to clear cabling.

Number of Fans: 3 or 6

Controller type: Speed Controller, Thermostat, or both

Rear support brackets are available in two models, short and long. 

TYPE  -  Short Brackets -    Long Brackets

3FANS   -  325 to 495mm    -   630 to 800mm

6FANS   -   325 to 710mm   -   630 to 1010mm