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The 080 industrial cabinet is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is often used for process control applications.

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080 Industrial Cabinet

Product Code: 080 Industrial Cabinet

Developed for industrial and outdoor use, the 080 industrial cabinet is rated to IP 55 standards (with optional upgrade to an IP 66 standard). It is ideally suited to process control applications and is fabricated entirely from steel with a continuous welded construction (an optional stainless steel upgrade is available).

Upon request, special requirements for your outdoor industrial rack can be met, including punching and inclusion of special brackets. Custom sizes are also readily manufactured with an extended lead-time, so whether you need a 19” industrial cabinet or another size, you can rest assured we can meet your needs.

Due to the highly specialised nature of our industrial cabinets, please do not hesitate to call us for pricing information and orders. This ensures that our specialists can help you get exactly what you need out of the numerous configurations and possibilities.

Product Description


Designed and manufactured in Australia for industrial and outdoor applications, these industrial cabinets are ideally suited for industrial servers, networks and process control applications. Able to be fabricated in stainless steel if required, these cabinets are IP rated (Ingress Protection) to IP55. For certain applications, IP66 can also be achieved as a special build (an additional cost applies).

Flexibility is the key feature of the 080 industrial rack, enabling the customer to integrate and design a solution that meets their exact needs. It can be configured with solid metal or glass doors, as well as a front and rear and/or rear metal panel. Side panels can be provided plain or fitted with fans for heat extraction. Side mounted and roof mounted air conditioners are also available where an IP55 rating is to be maintained for dust and moisture protection

Supplied fully assembled with phosphated steel, the industrial cabinet also boasts a durable powder coat finish. We can provide standard 19” industrial cabinets with 19" adjustable mounting angles front and rear. These are designed with gland plates in the base to offer cable entry points, with optional roof gland plates able to be installed where cable access via the roof is necessary.

The 080 industrial cabinet is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is often used for process control applications.


  • The industrial cabinet doors are hung on multiple hinges and secured in the closed position by a multipoint locking system, which is activated by a semi-flush fitting, “lift & swing” key lockable handle.
  • The entire hinge and locking system is located outside the cabinet’s front, with lock rods that do not encroach into the working area of the cabinet. As this complete hinge/lock system is symmetrical, switching a left hand door to right hand can be accomplished on site with the aid of just a screwdriver.
  • The 6ru and 12ru outdoor and industrial cabinets have a single point lock and the capability to reverse-hang the door.
  • Industrial rack mounting angles are finished in a black powder coat. Four are supplied as standard. They conform to IEC 60297 practices and are fully adjustable within the cabinet.
  • Cable access to the cabinet is provided at the base where there are two 50 X 200mm cable entries fitted with protective gland plates. Alternative requirements should be discussed at the time of ordering.
  • Lifting eye bolt provisions are made on all cabinets. Eye bolt kits are ordered separately. Load capacity of 600kg can be achieved, but spreader bars must be used to meet this rating.
  • Removable sides are fitted with security screws to provide added protection within public areas. The cabinet also comes with a tool for panel removal if required.


  • You can choose whether to have glazed or metal doors on your industrial cabinet.
  • Gear trays can be fitted either full height or partial
  • Plinth is 90mm high and incorporates levelling feet and bolt down brackets.
  • Weather Hoods are available for outdoor cabinets, offering additional protection.
  • These industrial cabinets can effectively become server cabinets with air conditioning. Venting can be provided through the addition of louvring on the side panels. However, the cabinet will no longer meet IP55 specification.
  • Fan units will consist of a housing box that is fixed inside the cabinet behind the louvring. Intake louvers are also required.
  • Vermin protector screens can be used in conjunction with louvers to eliminate the entry of small insects.
  • All removable side panels are supplied with a security fittings and removal tool.
  • Acrylic industrial cabinet doors available on request.