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7u Mobile Road Case

Depending on the work you do, it can sometimes be necessary to transport your server and communication equipment from one location to another. At Rack World Systems, we offer 7u mobile road case products that allow you to transport equipment without having to worry about its safety. From audio-visual recording and processing systems through to seismic data recording instrumentation, the 7u road case is more than capable of meeting the needs and requirements of our clients.

Features and Accessories

Our fully assembled 7u mobile road case is lightweight and compact, featuring removable lids with secure locking, castor wheels for increased mobility, comfort grip handles for easier lifting, a durable steel frame with shock mounts to safely isolate equipment, and more. It can also be customised with a variety of fantastic accessories, including fans of various configurations, telescopic or front mounting drawers, standard or heavy duty shelves, LCD displays, and more. Our 7u road case is also designed to meet strict Australian Standards, so you can rest assured you’ll only receive the very best products available.

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For more information about our 7u mobile road case products, call Rack World Systems today on 1300 893 493. We proudly offer nationwide delivery and full one year warranties on all of our products.