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251 ltr Pelican ISP IS4517110 with Foam Insert

Product Code: IS4517B

The new ISP Case from Pelican virtually eliminates load movement with a unique Inter -Stacking Pattern (ISP). The patent pending system is compatible across 6 different case sizes from 4 to 25 cubic feet of storage.

Product Description


Pelican is the largest manufacturer of shipping containers in the world, so we know how to do it right.

The ISP Case material is a proprietary polyethylene formula that achieves the optimum balance of light-weight, panel rigidity and durability. Rotational-moulding provides between 15% to 20% more material in the corners and edges of the case, resulting in more strength where it is needed.

Every detail speaks to our 50 years of experience, from columnar ribs that withstand huge stacking loads to recessed hardware that “hide” from damage. Look even closer and you’ll find metal reinforcements on hardware attachment points, positive anti-shear locks that keep the lid and base aligned during impact, and a tongue and groove seal with a silicone sponge O-ring to keep dust and moisture out. Even the Pressure Relief Valve is smart, allowing excess air pressure to escape and preventing vacuum lock from altitude change